What will hiring into my team look like?

We create requirements based on the specifics of your project and start recruiting competent employees within a few days after deciding on the number of people needed and their skill sets.

Am I expected to participate in the hiring process?

You can either participate or delegate it to us, but regardless of the option you select, we will do our best to hire the best available specialists on the market in the shortest possible time.

How much control and transparency will I have into selecting candidates?

As much as you need. We'll keep you informed about the hiring process, and if you think it's necessary, we can incorporate an additional interview with your team in our process and hire people after receiving your approval.

Why is your price different from other popular destinations?

Our price differs from other destinations not only because we take pride in elaborating the most cost-efficient solutions for each client, but also because we save on administrative costs while taking advantage of the labour costs in the region our operations are located in. Tell us more about your data needs and we’ll get back with a quote!

Do you work with all locations?

Yes, we serve clients worldwide and give you all the flexibility you need from an outsourced team. We can accommodate a team for you in the time zone you’re comfortable with.

Why should we hire in Claro instead of India, Romania, the Philippines, etc.?

Our specialists will have no to minimal language barrier and are familiar with European business culture. They are professionals with university degrees who act according to the rules of European business etiquette.

I need a team on a project basis, can you help me?

Yes, we can tailor a project solution to meet your requirements. However, longer projects allow for more economies of scale.