A technology company seeks to automate data collection operations by leveraging partner data on companies. The data is scraped from company websites by a potential partner. To make sure the data is correct and complies with the essential criteria and format as well as to establish acceptable costs, the company turns to Claro.

Our team analyzes a data sample and provides comprehensive stats on the benefits and drawbacks of the data available, which helps the technology company be prepared to data integration and negotiate better contract terms with the partner.

A DaaS company starts working on a complex AI model that has to pick up relevant business-related news from the web, tag them, and send over to exactly the client that is interested in the topic. Claro assists in teaching the model: the team picks the right news signals from the news, labels and tags the data, and matches signals to clients. As the model becomes functional, the team shifts its role: we now validate the results of its work, helping define the weakest points of the algorithm, and provide detailed analysis of algorithm improvements over time. Thus, Claro helps this company advance their product and technology, serve their clients better, and save their budget.

A SaaS company relies on Claro to provide their software solution with a constant flow of data on financial standing of companies that are relevant for their clients. Our dedicated team of financial analysts supplies their product with information on more than 5k companies monthly.

Another team is engaged in gathering data on key executives and employee headcount for a market-intelligence-centered startup, collecting the requested information from an array of approved sources.

Claro is currently engaged in several projects connected with data labeling and categorization.

Our News team supports a constant flow of news signals into our client’s API by fetching the news from a provider and labeling them to indicate signal polarity and event type, which helps the client to identify relevant and business-related signals. We also provide business categorization of supplier lists by tagging companies according to their industry and services/products, etc.

A supply chain management platform utilizes Claro’s services to support their platform by monitoring the data they provide to their customers. Our specialists inspect, refresh, and complete their database of companies on a daily cadence covering more than 100 data points per entry, which allows the platform to serve their existing clients and onboard new ones.

We can both fit into the existing system, workflows, and format requirements or come up with structural and organizational suggestions suited to your database needs.

Claro is a multi-faceted Knowledge Process Outsourcing company with diverse experience in data and expertise in various projects.

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